While each practice area of law has its unique place, I feel particularly passionate about my chosen area of estate planning and probate law. Few people truly understand the immense need to create a thorough estate plan prior to their passing. And to be honest, no one likes talking about what will happen when they’re no longer here, but legal matters will go much more smoothly for your loved ones if you’ve already made all of the important decisions. Working with an outside party, who is able to look at the situation objectively, helps you to put together a plan that makes all of your wishes crystal clear to your family members and the court.

Getting the help you deserve

If you’ve just suffered the loss of a loved one who has no estate plan, I can help you through this time of suffering, confusion and overwhelm. I take on the majority of the legal burden that you face so that you can focus on healing and working through the grief that you experience. Having helped hundreds of satisfied clients throughout my career, I’m adept at handling probate and guardianship issues on your behalf.

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In my work as the principle attorney at Sarah A. Kirland, Esq., Inc., I take my duty to give my clients the time, attention and service they deserve. If you’re so inclined, I’d love it if you would send me a testimonial so that I can share your positive experience with prospective clients. You can connect with me through Linked In, Avvo, send me an email, or give me a phone call.

If myself or my staff at Sarah A. Kirland, Esq. , Inc. can be of assistance to you in any other legal matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love working with former clients, since we’ve already established a working relationship and I have knowledge of your situation. Feel free to call when you need to update, or create, your estate plan. I also deal with probate, conservatorship, and guardianship cases, and in the event that a loved one passes without a sufficient estate plan, I’m ready to help.