Estate Planning

Taking care of your estate includes planning for any time when you are unable to manage your own affairs, either through incapacity or following your death. Even a small estate deserves estate planning by a qualified attorney. We believe that everyone should have certain legal documents to protect their estate, especially a will and health care directives.

Sarah A. Kirland, Esq., Inc.

At our office, clients get sound advice and honest legal representation from an experienced estate planning attorney. The goal of estate planning is primarily to protect, preserve and maintain control over assets and property holdings when the owner is either incapacitated or dies. Without a will or trust, your estate will move into Probate, where a judge will appoint someone to administer your estate and distribute assets to heirs. The problem with this is that no one will have any idea about what your wishes are for estate distribution.

What We Do

To make sure your wishes for loved ones are known and followed, Attorney Sarah Kirland will help you create an estate planning package that will withstand later challenges, if any. The legal documents you create will tell the world who you want to inherit or manage your estate. There are many documents to choose from, including:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Health care directives
  • Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning

When you consult with Sarah, you get personal care and attention. Sarah understands the emotional impact that estate planning has for most people, because these documents lay out a map for other people to follow when you are no longer able to due to incapacity or death. There are important tax advantages to estate planning, something of high importance especially to those with high net worth estates.

When you have created estate planning documents for your estate, you have peace of mind knowing that your wishes are not going to be ignored, and that those persons you select to inherit your assets and property will actually receive the gifts you intended for them to have. No one can predict their future; planning ahead is the best move to make today, while you are still able and in control.

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