Practice Areas


California law allows certain parties to apply for conservatorship depending on certain factors. However, because of the bonding requirements, most people require the services of an Orange County conservatorship attorney to help them through the process. If a loved one is having dififculty managing on their own, contact Sarah A. Kirland Esq, Inc. for help. We know the conservatorship laws of California and we can help you through the process.

Estate Planning

Taking care of your estate includes planning for any time when you are unable to manage your own affairs, either through incapacity or following your death. Even a small estate deserves estate planning by a qualified attorney. We believe that everyone should have certain legal documents to protect their estate, especially a will and health care directives.


Guardianship is an important part of your estate planning if you have minor children. If something should happen to leave you incapacitated or you die, your wishes about raising your children will only be followed if you include this matter in your will or trust. At our office, we help parents make choices about the care of their minor children through guardianships.

Probate and Trust Administration

When you die or are incapacitated and unable to manage your estate affairs, estate planning offers you the opportunity to continue to have control over your assets and property. A properly executed will or trust is the key to avoiding probate and getting your wishes followed. Probate and Trust Administration are two major concerns of everyone and good reasons to seek a qualified attorney before any problems occur, even if your estate is small.