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When you die or are incapacitated and unable to manage your estate affairs, estate planning offers you the opportunity to continue to have control over your assets and property. A properly executed will or trust is the key to avoiding probate and getting your wishes followed. Probate and Trust Administration are two major concerns of everyone and good reasons to seek a qualified attorney before any problems occur, even if your estate is small.

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Having your wishes followed when you are unable to do the job is a primary goal for estate planning. Major documents of importance to estate planning include wills and trusts. Without a valid will or trust on file, everything concerning your estate goes to Probate Court. A Probate Judge will take over and appoint someone to manage your estate. This person will have no idea what your wishes are about distribution of your estate. When a will or trust is established prior to your incapacity or death, that legal document gives specific instructions to the will or trust administrator.

Helping clients decide upon the best ways to protect their estate is a job we take seriously. Attorney Sarah Kirland cares about her clients and enjoys having a long-term relationship with them over time, helping with estate concerns, including probate and trust administration. She has extensive experience in this area, and works hard to help clients get past times that are often laced with grief and sorrow after the death of a loved one.

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In her work as an Orange Country Trust Administration Attorney, Sarah has a unique responsibility to help those appointed to administer estates do their work as efficiently as possible. With a will or trust established, administrators have solid instructions to follow, but doing their job is not always easy; having honest legal representation is a comfort and a necessity.

In cases where there is no will or trust, estate matters and inheritance distribution proceeds into Probate Court. Clients come to Sarah Kirland, Esq., for legal representation when they need help from an experienced Los Angeles Probate Attorney. Decisions about estate matters can be challenged by survivors, but this also requires legal representation by someone who is familiar with the probate process in California.

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